the new messengers
Originally started by leader Clarence Fraher (ex Technical Jed, Drunk) as a sort of basement space-folk band, after Jamison Spencer and Jessica Fitzgerald joined and brought the messengers into the rdc fold, it morphed into something more rocky, with a Motown snap to the rhythm section.  The messengers songs would fit comfortably on a mix of any decade, they could come from the 60s, the 70s or next year, and they would always sound timely and timeless, classic singles.  The rock hard, harder than you’d think this kind of band would, but they keep the hooks and the harmonies of pop music and hide in them catchy lyrics about philosophy and sex and death.

             Almost a collective on their own, the messengers have auxiliary members scattered across the world, and have been known to play shows as an eight or nine piece.  With a full horn section.

the albatross

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