live tour diary !
going blank/the dragonfly hunters- charleston s.c. 11.10.07
heart stained blues/the mexico electric-savannah g.a.
david lowery/pent-up house- richmond va. 6.6.08
between the raindrops/the new messengers-chicago 8.19.07
the dragonfly hunters/ SOB moron video by endre tomaschek
michelle/the dragonfly hunters-charleston s.c. 5.1.07
Nothingness - stop motion movie by endre tomaschek
when you lay me in the bed/the carson mcullers - chapel hill n.c. 6.4.08
coma song/the carson mcullers - chapel hill n.c.
brother/the carson mcullers - charleston s.c. 6.10.08
there you go again/hurricane fighter plane - florence s.c. 3.25.10
house of love/hurricane fighter plane
fish fight/hurricane fighter plane
nendi's mystery part 1/ the dragonfly hunters - charleston 5/1/07
nendi's mystery part 2
for esme/ the carson mcullers- atlanta 8/9/10
jessica's song/ the carson mcullers - atlanta 8/9/10
coma sheets/the carson mcullers
open the door/the dragonfly hunters-charleston s.c. 11.10.07
nendi's mystery/the dragonfly hunters salisbury n.c. 8.11.07
neu war/the dragonfly hunters  - new york 8.15.07
the fastest neu war ever!
10 best things/the carson mcullers- philly
there you go again/ hurricane fighter plane - chicago 8/14/10
sister ray/ hurricane fighter plane - Richmond va. 8/12/10