the dragonfly hunters
"If I had to describe the sound of a Dragonfly Hunters record, I would say lo-fi heaven." (nevin lyle 2007) "Led by former ballad of mops hacker drummer Nevin Lyle, deliver catchy blasts of turbulent, head nodding, fist pumping, slanted and enchanted psych-rock that keeps you on your feet, sweating and hollering.  Long a live favorite, with "We're all made of stardust" they’ve produced a record that can match the propulsive energy of their shows, while bringing out the sugary melodies that sometimes get lost behind the noise." (Cotton Percy 2007)

black thunder and tital waves
their getting faster
neu war
email me
teenage queen
a good feeling
slowly sad
     dragonfly net
liquid penguin
the reality of a miracle
universal radio-words by nina hagen
dirty wedding
1. Illumination  2001
2. This years folly  2005
3. Dead pockets & Empty strings  2006
4. We're painting a picture to beautify our domain  2006
5. We are  2006
6. Nendi's mystery  2007
7. We're all made of stardust  2008
8. Sounder  2008
9. Forgetful sung  2008
10. Tapedrone  2008
11. A lifestyle drunk off of tears  2009
12. Noise for thoughts  2009
13. Seventeen  - singles, b-sides, & rarities  2009
14. The airpumps don't work in Georgia  2009
15. Death to the songwriter  2009
16. One & only / 1996 - 7"  2010
17. Pantyhose, illegal drugs, & cigarettes - A retrospective:  2010
18. Perfect imperfection  2010
19. Touch my love / attack on love - 7"  2011
nevin lyle, jorg hohmann,
andrew ochsner, ian mcdonald,
endre tomaschek, ian elliott,
marshall hudson, rachel gillon,
mackie boles, mathew berkshire

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