pent-up house
Long time Richmond rock legend Lewis Harris (ex Bucket) delivers the record of his life in a beautifully crafted song cycle about the struggles of living the rock life once all your friends have either made it or moved on.  And they play it like all the crunchy heroes of yore, likeZepplin meets Pavement or Nirvana meets Blue Oyster Cult.  Add that to a mix that’s had every great indie ear in Richmond in on it, and you get the record those of us who love Lew’s music have been waiting for.

             A slab or rock that can stand toe to toe with Pent-Up House live shows, which are so spontaneous they can be scary.  Have you banging your head all night with a nervous flutter in your belly, always scared of what might be about to happen. And you’re right to be scared.
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the doorway song
alot (of nyc)
a good man is hard to find
there has to be a surf museum
the rocking horse winner
laughing man
a good man (front porch)